Our Organization

The Fundación Instituto Técnico de Miranda (ITM) is a specialized vocational teaching centre. We are a non-profit organization, financed by the Spanish Government and a selected group of enterprises located in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos, Spain).

We belong to a business foundation whose mail goal consists of improving and developing the area through training workers and students in order to provide companies with skilled workers.

We offer both formal education and special private courses for enterprises whose employees need them, as well as courses for pupils looking for a job. Our organization enjoys an excellent reputation in the area.

At our premises you can course Vocational Training Courses which enable students to be awarded with a Technician (EQF4) or Higher Technician (EQF 5) diploma. We cover the educational fields of Gastronomy, Administration, Maintenance and Machining in both levels.

Our Erasmus + Erxperience

Since 2013 we have been carrying out KA-1 programs with more than 50 students mobilities for training (SMP) and 15 teachers Job-Shadowing mobilities (STT).

We also were part of a KA-2 program in 2018, together with institutions of Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom and Greece.

At this moment, we are actively looking for partners in order to take part in a KA-2 program or a Small-Scale KA-2 one.

Our Courses

Our Vocational Training courses are included in European VET mobilities and located in the European Qualification Frame (EQF) level 4.

We also offer Higher Educational Vocational Training. The mobilities for these courses are Higher Education (HED) mobilities. The level of education corresponds to EQF 5.

All of them are 2 year courses recognized by our government.

Technician Diploma Higher Technician Diploma
Vocational Training Education (EQF 4) Higher Education (EQF 5)
  • Technician in Cookery and Gastronomy.
  • Technician in Electromechanical Maintenance.
  • Technician in Machinery.
  • Technician in Administrative Management.
  • Higher Technician in Administration and Finance.
  • Higher Technician in International Trade.
  • Higher Technician in Kitchen Management.
  • Higher Technician in Mechanical Manufacture Design.
  • Higher Technician in Mechanical Production Scheduling.
  • Higher Technician in Industrial Mechatronics.

III. Our Projects

Project Year Project ID or Contract Number Beneficiary Name
KA-1 2013 2013-1-ES1- ERA02-74390 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-1 2014 2014-1-ES01- KA103-000107 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-1 2015 2015-1-ES01- KA103-013194 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-1 2016 2016-1-ES01- KA103-023154 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-1 2017 2017-1-ES01- KA103-035350 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-2 2018 2018-1-DE03- KA229-CE024B10 Berufskolleg für Technik und Gestaltung
KA-1 2018 2018-1-ES01- KA103-046979 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-1 2019 2019-1-ES01- KA103-060263 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-1 2020 2020-1-ES01- KA103-077990 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-1 2022 2022-1-ES01- KA131-HED- 17275E7D Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial
KA-1 2023 Fundación Instituto Técnico Industrial